d Ayurveda and beauty therapy in both India and Mauritius before moving to Ireland to work as a beauty therapist where she met her now husband Colm Smith.

Together Colm and Anjali built Ayush SOS here in Navan, Co. Meath after Colm learned of Anjali’s fathers’ health issues and how he used Moringa leaves and fruit on a daily basis and swore by it. Colm began to look into the benefits of Moringa as he himself suffered with depression for 34 years and the skin disorder psoriasis, he was amazed with what he found.

The Moringa trees fruit and leaves were a multivitamin themselves covering the vitamin range from A to K, and had massive natural benefits. Colm got in contact with Dr. Prem a relative of Anjali’s who had an 80 year old unspoilt orchard of Moringa trees to see if he could provide Moringa for transport to Ireland. Dr. Prem agreed and also provided Colm with his own Ayurvedic serum that would help the skin recover from the psoriasis. Colm received the Moringa in powder form and mixed it with yoghurt eating it daily and applying the serum to the psoriasis and he started to notice considerable improvements in both cases within 2 to 3 weeks.

Colm and Anjali couldn’t believe how little was known about Moringa in Ireland and they began to see that the market here was missing out. Colm and Anjali set about building a business based around the healing benefits of Ayurveda using ingredients such as Moringa and Turmeric. The icing on the cake for Colm was when they convinced Dr. Prem to supply only Ayush with his Moringa. Ayush SOS was born. Anjali, Colm and Dr. Prem developed a range of Beauty Therapy products to go alongside the pure Moringa, including Cleansers, Toners, Scrubs, Masks, Serums and Moisturisers